Morning Ritual, 2018

Video and Image. London.

DOP: Jack Exton

Photography: Ben Cullen Williams

There's a certain type of silence when the city is still asleep. You’re aware of the gentle press of your feet as you leave the house, closing the front door with deliberate care. The brisk air wipes the sleep from your skin when you step into the outside world.

It's hushed. The sun teases the horizon with its presence. Only just awake. A blue hue illuminates, not quite light and not quite dark. A hinterland of time. The first step is labored. Come on, wake. Patience. This machine will get going, it always does. Going through the gears. Next pacing effortlessly through the dozing world. Each breath an inhalation of life. Without the incessant chattering of homes and offices, thoughts clear with every stride. As the sun starts to crest over the edge long shadows appear, your running partner. But only one heart pounds against its cage in this gold seeped world. A few early risers start to appear, buttoned up suits and angular cases. A signal that the morning ritual is coming to an end. We have just started.